In the US, fleet owners must follow all federal laws pertaining to the operation and maintenance of all large-scale trucks. Regulations dictate what type of exhaust fluids the drivers must use when traveling. A local supplier offers an ample supply of the exhaust fluid needed to comply with the laws.

Federal Regulations and New Laws

All fleet owners who have trucks that are at least one-quarter ton must use the appropriate diesel exhaust fluid in all their vehicles. The fluid is designed to convert dangerous nitrous gas into a hydrogen and oxygen-based substance. It lowers dangerous gas emissions and protects the environment and the local community.

Using the Right Amount of Fluids

According to the recent studies, the regulations advise fleet owners to use 2.5 gallons of the exhaust fluid for every 800 miles their drivers travel. Drivers must re-add the fluid according to the guage on the dashboard or the trucks will emit dangerous gas emissions and lead to a penalty for the fleet owner.

Installing the Right Systems

A selective catalytic reduction system gives the fleet owners the most benefits of using the exhaust fluid. The systems monitor the amount of exhaust fluids in the vehicle at all times. When levels are low, the system sends an indicator to the dashboard. If the driver doesn’t restore the levels, the system continues to remind them. If the levels get too low, the system shuts down the vehicle until the driver adds more exhaust fluid.

Storing the Fluids Properly

All fleet owners are advised to follow basic instructions for storing the exhaust fluid. Suppliers offer containers that are designed specifically for the exhaust fluid and prevent possible leaks. It isn’t recommended that the containers stay outside in freezing temperatures. Freezing won’t damage the fluid, but it will cause delays and inconveniences for the drivers.

In the US, diesel exhaust fluid is necessary for maintaining and operating fleet trucks. Owners are required to adhere to safety regulations that lower potential pollution and harmful gas emissions. New systems help the owners avoid vehicle damage and violations. Fleet owners who want to learn more about DEF contact a supplier now.